BreezeReview Terminology

Be ready for when a prospective customer/client/patient Googles your business for information. BreezeReview is here to help your organization put it’s best foot forward with great reviews that instill consumer confidence in your brand. Check out some of our BreezeReview terms to learn more.

Best Option Out There (Impressing)

Having the best reputation in your industry will lift sales and attract potential employees in a competitive employment market.

Brand Damage (Damaging)

Being below four stars on the first page of Google is brand damage. This affects your business’ opportunity for revenue.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Internal set of policies and procedures that companies employ to ensure customers have a great experience.

Empower Employees (Ownership)

Employees are often not held accountable for daily interactions at the business. BR empowers employees to take ownership of their customer service and therefore be accountable for each interaction.

Protect Your Company’s Image (DangerZone)

Your GMB page is the cover of your business. The DangerZone is anything that is at risk of going below four stars either due to lack of review, no reviews, or several negative reviews.

Providing Employer Oversight (Oversight)

Employers often have numerous employees and employees often do not care about their business as much as the owner does. BreezeReview provides the owner with oversight into customer and employee interactions.

Reputation Management (RM)

Reputation of a company that is externally viewable by the public. RM Is an output of the CEM and can either be positive or negative.

Social Proof/ Legitimacy (Helping)

Having 4 stars or more on the first page of Google is great for business.

Review Bounce (Lost Revenue)

Your GMB page is the information center of your business. Be ready for anyone that checks your GMB page to call, get directions or one of many other actions that lead to more business.

Are you ready to take control of your reputation before others do?

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